I just saw Yo La Tengo, and I’m about to see the Flaming Lips.

No big deal.

This is why I’m looking forward to next weekend.

This is why I’m looking forward to next weekend.

Yo La Tengo, more added to Nelsonville lineup ⇢

Fuck yes.

This just keeps getting better.

Oh, and Nick Tolford & Co. are playing Friday and Saturday. Awesome.

Who wants to go to Vegas?


Who wants to go to Vegas?

In a recent interview with New York magazine’s Vulture blog, Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham, better known as Pink Eyes, revealed that his band is using the money from their Polaris Music Prize win to make their own all-star-version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’

Talking to Vulture, Abraham listed off some of the people involved: ‘David Cross, members of Vampire Weekend, TV on the Radio, Broken Social Scene, the GZA, Bob Mould, No Age, and Yo La Tengo are all confirmed. I’m still waiting on confirmation from Feist, Jarvis Cocker, and M.I.A. We wanted the biggest people we could get. If we could get a Jonas Brother on this, I would get a Jonas Brother.’

- Fucked Up Plan All-Star Cover of “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Yo La Tengo // “Periodically Triple Or Double” // Popular Songs

This new record is soo good.


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