Ty Segall  |  ”You’re The Doctor”

Live on Letterman.

And be sure to watch all the way through for a special public service announcement from Ty.

Ty Segall  |  ”Thank God For Sinners”

Live on Conan.

Starting to think I should just change the name of this blog to fuckyeahtysegall.

Ty Segall  |  ”You’re The Doctor”  |  Twins


Ty Segall  |  ”The Hill”  |  Twins

From yet another new Ty Segall album. 

Damn, this guy is relentless.

Ty Segall Band  |  ”I Bought My Eyes”  |  Slaughterhouse

So, uhh, you could say I’m looking forward to this record Ty Segall made with his touring band.

Ty Segall Band  |  ”Wave Goodbye”  |  Slaughterhouse

From the upcoming “harder and louder" album Segall recorded with his touring band.

Ty Segall  |  ”My Sunshine”  |  Melted

Ty Segall  |  ”Girlfriend”  |  Melted

Attention all other songs:

Better luck next time.

Ty Segall // “My Sunshine” // Melted

I’m pretty sure snotty lo-fi garage punk like this will sound good forever.


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