We sleep with the guns.


Chuck Heath, Sarah Palin’s Father

Why is Rick Santorum so worried about “man on dog” when there is “man on gun” action going on?

A day after hundreds of public employees jammed the Statehouse to protest a bill they believe will kill their unions, Gov. John Kasich said he is working on an even-tougher version, one that would punish workers who go on strike. If the Republican-controlled legislature doesn’t fashion a collective-bargaining reform bill to his liking, Kasich said yesterday, then he will include language in the coming state budget to enact the changes he wants. “I have my own proposal right now,” Kasich told reporters after a speech to the Ohio Newspaper Association in Columbus. “We would outlaw strikes, and the penalties would either be firing or docked wages,” the governor said. Asked what recourse public union workers would have under his proposal, Kasich said, “They have a job. They should continue to negotiate and try to come up with something.”


Kasich: You strike, you get punished

This fucking guy.

Seriously, what year is this?  It’s like goddamn Newsies in Ohio right now, but with a lot less Christian Bale and a lot less happy ending.

Gov.-elect John Kasich today picked former American Electric Power executive David Mustine as head of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Mustine, a former senior vice president at Columbus-based AEP, now works for Terraseis Group of Companies, an oil and gas service business based in Dubai.


Kasich Names Ohio Environmental Officials | The Columbus Dispatch

In related news, Kasich appoints foxes to guard henhouse.

After years of coveting them, I’ll finally be able to afford blueberries. Did you know they have a lot of antioxidants, which prevent cancer? Cancer! This tax cut just might save my life. Who said Republicans don’t support health care?

- Larry David, on the extension of the Bush tax cuts

What do Republicans have against Pitchfork?
You’re politicians.  You can’t get Best New Music.

What do Republicans have against Pitchfork?

You’re politicians.  You can’t get Best New Music.


Scary Stump Speech of the Day: Minerva, Ohio councilman Phil Davidson would really like your vote to be the Stark County Republican Party’s nominee for Stark County treasurer.

He’d also like to bite your head off and vomit fire down your throat, but first thing’s first.


This is for Jess, the only Minerva native I know.

Louisiana Oil Spill Day Of Prayer: State Lawmakers Propose Religious Solution To Stop BP Oil Spill ⇢

At the urging of District 36 State Senator Robert Adley (R-Benton), the Senate unanimously agreed to declare Sunday, June 20, 2010 as a Statewide Day of Prayer. Senate Resolution 145 recognizes the day of prayer for Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico region, particularly those affected by the environmental and economic disaster resulting from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil leak.

"All of us are well aware of the problems we have faced across the Gulf Region since the tragic explosion and sinking of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig off the coast of Louisiana. Thus far the efforts made by mortals to try to solve the crisis have been to no avail. It is clearly time for a miracle for us," Sen. Adley said.

As the resolution details, “citizens are urged to pray for a solution to this crisis, each according to his or her own faith, to pray for God’s continued guidance and protection and to join in the observance of a day of prayer, seeking God’s blessings upon both our state and nation.” The resolution also calls upon the people of Louisiana to join together to pray for an end to the crisis which is threatening our environment, our culture and our livelihoods.

What the fuck is going on, Louisiana?

Hitler Discovers Republicans Have No Ideas

This meme may grow old one day, but that day is not today.


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