Big Boi Reads How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

Season’s Skeetings.

Big Boi feat. Andre 3000  |  ”Lookin’ For Ya (Jedi Remix)”


There were a ton of incredible tracks on Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, the recent solo album from Big Boi. But one song that didn’t make the final album was Lookin' for Ya”, Big Boi’s collaboration with his OutKast partnerAndre 3000. (According to Big Boi, record label issues led to Andre’s absence from the album.)

Now, a remix of “Lookin’ for Ya” has surfaced that features virtuoso new verses from both Big Boi and Andre. The last Andre verse is a pretty great indication that this guy is still one of the greatest rappers in the world when he’s in the mood.


OutKast // “B.O.B.” // Stankonia

I heard this today for the first time in a while.

How is this song almost 10 years old?

Big Boi went to Sea World and hung out with penguins.

"We stay cooler than a polar bear’s toenails, so this is only right for us to be with all the penguins."

I got music comin’ out the ass. Understand that.


Big Boi, of OutKast.

I understand you, Big Boi.  And I’m excited.

Black Lips//”It Feels Alright”//Good Bad Not Evil

For emrgency.

I mentioned that everything I know about Atlanta, I learned from OutKast and Ludacris.  I forgot to add that I did learn something from Black Lips as well:  Peachtree and Fifth is the jumpoff tonight and the Magic City titties are looking alright.

Re: Where should I move?

Go here for my original (long) post.

Mystery commenter “erin” (not my wife):

my theory is that i live in columbus because it’s cheaper than any of those cities and therefore i can afford to go to those cities whenever i want and not have to commit to one. plus i moved back to take a job and have to stay for 2 years or replay my relocation. 

one city that wasn’t on your list is atlanta, where i moved back from. it’s a good place, at least worth a visit. good venues, lots of bands come through because it’s almost the only major city in the south. cheaper than most big cities, def. young. the city itself is progressive but its still the south.

I understand your point.  I guess for me, though, it’s more about wanting to experience living somewhere else.  I don’t want to have been born in Ohio, lived my whole life in Ohio, and died in Ohio.  And I think if I don’t get out soon, I probably never will.  Is that understandable?

As for Atlanta, I briefly considered adding it to my list, but I couldn’t really think of a compelling reason to do so (being the biggest city in that region just wasn’t enough).  I’ve never been there either, and I’m sure it’s a fine city.  But I feel like the cities that I listed as my ideas each have something unique to offer, and I’m not sure what that would be for Atlanta.  Maybe I just don’t know enough about it (everything I know about Atlanta, I learned from OutKast and Ludacris).  Plus I’m not sure if I could handle heading that deep into the South.  Before deciding on Columbus, Erin (my wife) and I seriously considered moving to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area after we graduated college, and I think that’s about as far as I could go.

Y’all gonna get three records from the ‘Kast next year.


Big Boi from Outkast, in regards to reuniting with Andre 3000 for a proper Outkast release in 2009 — in addition to a pair of solo albums from each! via Spin. (via brandonspeters) (via gregb) (via frsh2dth)


(via thecount)

This is fantastic news.

Big Boi feat. Killer Mike & Jay-Z//”Flip Flop Rock”//Speakerboxxx

I have always been of the opinion that Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx is far superior to its companion album, Andre 3000’s The Love Below.  But I realized a few days ago that I think Speakerboxxx is one of my favorite albums, period.  I can listen to this all the time and not get tired of it.  New OutKast would be nice, but honestly, I’d probably be just as happy with a new Big Boi record.

Big Boi Welcomes Us to the World of Luscious Left Foot ⇢

Choice quote:

Pitchfork: You’re not a fan of any really embarrassing show tunes or anything like that?

Big Boi: I don’t know, maybe Conway Twitty. I listen to some Conway Twitty, but that’s not really embarrassing because to get your dick sucked to a Conway Twitty record is something else.


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