Disclosure  |  ”When a Fire Starts to Burn”

Well, this is pretty much perfect.

Envelope & Jacoti Sommes feat. The Catalyst | “We’re All Gonna Die Together”

Music video of the year from where I’m sitting. Recommended if you like claymation Biggie Smalls.

(And topical for today, too!)

Watch it watch it watch it.

El-P  |  ”The Full Retard”

NSFW (puppet mayhem/human nudity).

You’ve been warned.

Royal Headache  |  ”Girls”

Jack White  |  ”Sixteen Saltines”

Via Stereogum:

In the clip for “Sixteen Saltines,” we see White as the only adult, being held hostage in a world otherwise populated entirely by kids who have gone entirely nuts. We see them chugging cough syrup, riding firework-propelled skateboards, smoking weed out of gas masks, getting face tats, and inexplicably flying up into the air. It’s a deliriously fun and fucked up video.

Diplo feat. Nicky Da B | “Express Yourself”

Thing I learned today: Self-expression can take on many forms, but chief among them seems to be making one’s booty clap.

Arctic Monkeys  |  ”R U Mine?”

New Arctic Monkeys.

(And they’ll be in Columbus this sunday, opening for The Black Keys at the Schott.)

(Source: stereogum.com)

Major Lazer (feat. The Partysquad)  |  ”Original Don”


The Black Keys  |  ”Lonely Boy”

Times New Viking  |  ”Ever Falling In Love”

(via timesnewviking)


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