Everyone talking Star Wars today when they really should be talking Cinco de Cuatro.

Arcade Fire. (at The Schottenstein Center)

Arcade Fire. (at The Schottenstein Center)


Arcade Fire and Tune-Yards @ the Schott

The government is too afraid to say it, but the internet is a utility. The data that flows to your home is just like water and electricity: it’s not a luxury or an option in 2014. The FCC’s original Open Internet rules failed precisely because it was too timid to say that out loud, and instead erected rules on a sketchy legal sinkhole that was destined to fail. As the WSJ reports, the FCC has once again decided against reclassifying broadband as a public utility. To declare the internet a public utility would go against the wishes of companies like Comcast and AT&T, which don’t want to be dumb pipes. It’s more lucrative to be cunning.

- It’s time for the FCC to stand up for Americans instead of ruining the internet (via thisistheverge)

Started researching a new mattress and quickly decided never sleeping again would be less torturous than continuing down this rabbit hole.

via HuffPo:

As Texas Republicans struggle to win over women voters, a staffer at a prominent GOP political consulting firm has registered a new political action committee in the state called “Boats ‘N Hoes PAC.”

The San Antonio Express-News first reported that Shaun Nowacki, comptroller for Blakemore & Associates, registered the PAC with the Texas Ethics Commission earlier this month. Nowacki’s firm has been hired by the campaigns of Texas Republicans Greg Abbott for governor, Dan Patrick for lieutenant governor, and Donna Campbell for state senator.

The purpose of the PAC is unclear. It’s registered as a “general purpose committee,” which means it can contribute money to anyone. It has not yet released any financial disclosures.

Nowacki did not respond to a request for comment.

If you add up every case of imported beer, craft beer, hard cider, and flavored malt beverages sold in 2013, you get 270,194,987. Bud Light sold 294,749,300 cases. That means that last year Bud Light outsold every imported beer, craft beer, hard cider, and flavored malt beverage combined. Indeed, Bud Light makes up about 20 percent of all cases of beer (or cider or flavored malt beverage) sold last year. One in five beers sold last year was a Bud Light.


One in five beers sold in America is a Bud Light | Vox

Danny Brown @ A&R.

In which my son eats ice cream (Jeni’s, natch) for the first time.

In which my son eats ice cream (Jeni’s, natch) for the first time.


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